VeraCrypt, do not leave home or office without it!

As an Information Specialist, being an allround Information Manager, we always inform and monitor our clients on the must of encrypted hardware. On the move with the laptop, tablet or any other external drive/device, as a lawyer, notary, teacher you don’t want your information and archive to be exposed by accidental lost. Even our selfemployed clients we advice to take care of encryption on their home devices.

VeraCrypt is since the past years the best and easy install/work solution for encryption. Please do not hesitate to approach us for advice.


BlackBerry products do not have hackdoors. Full stop.

An impressive quote from John Chen as the Executive Chairman and CEO of BlackBerry Limited. His action and philosophy brought Blackberry back in the game. The dilemma is that you want to give the authorities all cooperation when it comes to detect and fight crime. But as long the law enforcement commit criminal actions themself by ‘stealing’ information from citizens, they will put themself on the backfoot.

John Chen as followed:

“In light of our plans to acquire Cylance, I wanted to share our approach on lawful access and backdoors, as some people in the media have gotten it wrong.

BlackBerry’s products do not have backdoors, because at the end of the day, what we sell is trust. Our customers, some of the most powerful organizations in the world, trust us to keep their data private and safe from bad actors, and that’s what we do.Where the confusion lies for some is how we work with law enforcement. As stated many times, I believe that companies should not put themselves above the greater good.

For us, there is a balance between doing what’s right, such as helping to apprehend criminals and preventing government abuse of citizen’s privacy. We have been able to find this balance even when pressured. Our position has been unwavering, and our actions are proof we commit to these principles. We review lawful access requests, just like every other reputable company in the world does. Doing so does not mean, in any way, that BlackBerry has backdoors. Anyone who says so is wrong.

At BlackBerry, our mission is to protect data, not to exploit it, and we fulfill this mission by developing ultra-secure products and services with privacy embedded by design.”

In today’s hyperconnected world, data protection and security is paramount, which is why I wanted to take this time to set the record straight and reassure our customers, partners, employees, investors, and the security industry at large, that BlackBerry is, and always will be, a company that is committed to providing the highest-level of security and data privacy.

Under my leadership, our products will never have a backdoor. This is BlackBerry’s promise to you.

Good practice!

Clients have been asking us why we promote brands as Google and Blackberry. It’s simple. They have build a good practice along the years. We have nothing against brands like Microsoft or Apple but they just not fit in the urgent need of security and privacy as Google and Blackberry do. Google was about the first with the authenticator, which proves their concern on security. Within following blogs we will surely point out on their good practice on their privacy regulations they have worked on, while it is not a high topic for most similar multinationals. Blackberry itself was about the first mobile phone with strong encryption facilities. although they went through a difficult period, they have kept to their business model. The mobile phones that they present today, along with their secure platform for cloud computing, is on a level that others simply cannot reach. Again, in the future blogs we will be more specific on their good practice and why we have decided to concentrate on both of their platform. All in the benefit of our clients…